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Download: Sources and binary

Latest version of the IrfanView-Downloader is Currently marked as BETA.

The binary file is available here. (Notice: It is a direct link!)

Sources can be found as a 7zipped archive here.

About IrfanView- Downloader

The IrfanView-Downloader was written by me in clean- coded c# using the latest visual c# compiler by Microsoft. I'm using Visual Studio 2010 for the windows forms stuff.

With the IrfanView-Downloader you can browse through an IrfanView repository and download single files + diff them with your local installed IrfanView files.

Originally the IrfanView-Downloader was hosted on google code, but I decided to create an own (sub) blog for releasing the latest binary and of course the source code.

If you have any questions regarding to the project, text me: stefan at schweter dot eu!

Latest screenshot (version

Latest IrfanView-Downloader


Das Programm/Quelltext steht unter der GPL 2 Lizenz.